The special condition for writing text is linearity: the text proceeds from left to right and the lines continue from top to bottom. The author’s task is to see how the reader gets all the information he needs as the text progresses. There should be no information breaks in the text, nor should it move too fast to a new issue.

On this page:

  • Theme and rage
  • Various information structures
  • Reiteration
  • theme Progressio
  • Breakdown
  • Knowledge of the information structure by the author
  • Theme and rage
  • Man is the easiest way to draw new knowledge into something he already knows. Thus, it is to be understood that the best information structure of a single sentence is such that first the familiar information is disclosed and only then the new information.

The knowledge known in the text study is referred to as the theme and the new knowledge is called rheumatism. The theme is the section in the sentence preceding the predicate of the sentence.

Although the phrase information analysis of the sentence is limited by the phrase concept, the predicate is the information structure and sentence structure are different things.

Various information structures
There are many ways to carry this matter in the text. Here are three ways. The examples are simplified.


The theme (or thematic clause) of consecutive sentences is the same or similar word; predicates in italics:

Lasse is a Southern student. He is studying as a doctor. This hard working young man would like to work in Africa after graduation. He feels compassion for poor children.

The theme of each sentence in the text snippet is the word Lasse. In the second, as in the fourth sentence, it is a pronoun, and in the third sentence, “this diligent young man.”

Theme progression

In accordance with the topic prepression, the information proceeds when the rhyme of the previous sentence becomes the theme of the next sentence (italicized words; the arrow points to the theme frog):

The University of Liverpool can study medicine. Every year, hundreds of young people are trying to study it. They come from different parts of country.


The specification is a variation of the theme evolution. Here, the first sentence is at an abstraction level above the other sentence sentences in the paragraph, that is, the sentence contains some term that is specified in the following sentences (these are italicized in the example). In the following example, this concept is the word body.

The University of Liverpool’s Faculty of Medicine has five institutions. Biomedicine facilities include pharmacological subjects. The Clinical Theoretical Institute examines eg viruses. The clinic is the largest number of institutions in terms of the number of subjects and includes: Surgery and Internal Medicine. Dentists are trained in a dental facility. The MSc in Health Sciences is completed at the Department of Nursing Science.

Knowledge of the information structure by the author
The exercises at the end of this section will help you as a writer. If you have made one sentence, you will be able to proceed with your information when you use your information to transport information.